The cohort of 456 students achieved an average score of 41 points with 349 (77%) achieving 40 points and above. International School 5 reasons to choose us. CHINESE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MANILA (CISM) is a private, non-sectarian, co-educational K-12 international school devoted to delivering to our students the highest standard of education. You may have been redirected to this website from The community project focuses on community and service, encouraging students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. 27 students achieved the perfect score of 45 points. The campus covers more … IB Diploma Pathway. It is possible to measure one school against another by its average IBDP points scored by its entire cohort. There was a massive outcry from students and schools around the world about this as students were being judged on previous students results and not … Yew Chung Shanghai International School (YCIS) ((pending) The Dulwich College International family of co-educational, academically selective schools has been in Asia since 2003, building bridges between Eastern and Western communities. Passing your IB Diploma is a fantastic achievement, one you should be immensely proud of, but what actually happens on the day itself and what options do you have? Connect, Inspire, Serve Shanghai Community International School is one of the first international schools in Shanghai to become fully authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, a world-class academic program … Only when teachers embrace the concept of life-long learning can we expect students to do the same. The combination of the two put CIS in the top echelon of IB schools, with very consistent results from year to year. Class of 2020 IB diploma results. Across the Group, our students averaged a score of 37 points out of a … Students in the final year of the IBMYP complete an internally assessed, service-focused Community Project. 1 Hau Yuen Path In summary, there are 3 main systems offered by International Schools in Singapore. Yew Chung International School of Chongqing is located in Yuan Yang Town, New Northern Zone area. Years 10 and 11 are unique programmes that encourage students to develop greater self-knowledge while also becoming more active contributors to the various communities to which they belong. Another ten years after that, CIS became the first International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) school in the whole of Hong Kong. After a turbulent year for education, IB results for the 2019-20 academic year are in – and students … Campus Tour . The two-year IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) allows students significant choice of subjects and levels of study, within a framework that emphasises links within and across disciplines, promotes an understanding and appreciation of human diversity and commonality, and empowers students to take initiative in the classroom and in the community. On top of that, many international schools in China offer the International Baccalaureate (IB). All students in Years 7-9 pursue the Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) and all students in Years 12-13 pursue the Diploma Programme (IBDP). students are expected to spend approximately 15 hours on their community project, the community project may be completed individually or collaboratively in groups of no more than three students, the community project does not form part of the curriculum for any subject group, although subjects may support the completion of the project, each student or each group of students who have decided to work together should have a supervisor, the community projects are assessed and internally standardised by the supervisors in the school according to the criteria published in the IB MYP Projects Guide, the community project is focused on service as action, the community project has a clear and achievable goal, the community project meets a need in a community. Learn more about our school's academic results. Students from French International School also achieved impressive results this year, with an average score of 38.3 and three top scorers. Yew Chung Shanghai International School (YCIS) ((pending) 0 The number of Hong Kong students bagging perfect scores in the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams dropped by nearly a third to 23 this … This platform is for general questions as well as for registered users. Students in the Asia-Pacific region have achieved significantly higher scores in this year's International Baccalaureate Diploma and Career-related programmes than those from other regions, on average.. Students in the region achieved an average grade on the Diploma Programme of 5.25, and of 4.88 in the Career-related Programme, against global averages of 4.67 and 3.93 respectively. With over 1400 students from China and overseas, the school offers a unique Year 1-12 educational programme that integrates elements of Shanghai and international curricula, culminating in Years 9-12 with the IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes, both of which are complemented by core components of the Shanghai curriculum. That website has now been decommissioned. The results are very good indeed with the average score of 33 points equivalent to A* A A at A level*. List of international schools in China. Students must select one subject from each of the following five groups: The sixth subject is an elective. These subject groups are represented in the curriculum at CIS, as follows: The students will start the Community Project in the fall of Year 9 and will complete the project in the spring. At CIS, IB Diploma students choose six subjects, which are taught concurrently over the course of the two-year programme. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 students for their stellar International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme results. Delivering high academic results and providing a well-rounded education, our schools place alongside the world’s best. International schools German Swiss International School (GSIS) has placed itself in the top echelon of Hong Kong’s international schools with its outstanding average score of 40 – ten points ahead of the global average of 30. CIS has achieved exceptional results, with both top marks obtained by individual students, but even more notably, consistently strong average point scores achieved by large cohorts. A selective IB World School and the first one in China to offer the IB Careers Program but also providing a significant exposure to Chinese language and culture. ... Hangzhou Chinese International School Chinese and International curriculum, Ages 14 to 15. Admissions The combination of the two put CIS in the top echelon of IB schools, with very consistent results from year to year. These form a transition from the IBMYP and Hangzhou year into the IBDP. ACS(I) Results of the November 2019 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Examination Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) students received their results for the November 2019 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Examination this afternoon in school. Top scorers from ESF. The IBO requires schools to provide structured learning in eight subject groups, in each year of the IBMYP, to achieve a broad and balanced education throughout the programme. Please note that the IB Diploma exams are held in two cycles: for exams in November 2017, results were published in January 2018 (for schools that run on a January December timetable, notably in some parts of Asia and Australia, as well as South Africa), results for exams in May 2018 were published on July 5th 2018. Expats can choose from different curricula such as British or American schooling system, or, in rare cases, German, French, or other national school programs. It is a traditionally Chinese-focused school with a global perspective. 45% of our students scored 38+ points and 68% achieved 37+ points. Students achieved an average of 38.5, as well as an outstanding 100% pass rate and nearly half its students population achieved 40 or more points. Campus and facilities: Canadian International School is in Aberdeen, on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Parents need to be sure they are considering top tier schools with valid and current accreditation from recognised international authorities. In the second semester, students choose one Science Elective, based on their specific interest, from three offered: Space Science, Marine Science, and Food Science. Despite the rigour of the IB Diploma Programme, an impressive 29% of all our students attained 40 points or more. A dynamic, dual-language learning community based in Hong Kong and looking out to the world. 2018 IB results at Dulwich College International: 9 perfect scores. The school’s average total score was 41.62 points (2016: 41.82) with 100% of the cohort being awarded their diplomas. It provides international education from 3-18 years as one of the top English schools and international schools in Chongqing. We are proud to be China's first IB Continuum school. Established in 1993, Huijia Private School is an IB World School serving students from kindergarten through Grade 12 utilizing the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum models. At the end of Year 13, students sit internationally IB-administered exams. Chinese International School (CIS) also recorded one of the highest average scores amongst all schools. Grade 3-11: January 31. All Year 12 and 13 students at Chinese International School study for the internationally recognised and highly respected International Baccalaureate Diploma. The community project gives students an opportunity to develop an awareness of needs in various communities and address those needs through service-learning. Twins Layla and Esme S, alongside Cloe C all achieved full marks of 45 points; all three students have been at FIS for 12 or more years. Students and teachers at Dulwich College Beijing consistently deliver excellent academic results. 1 Hau Yuen Path The public discussion of IB results also can't be ignored - without exams, students are left to demonstrate their ability through coursework and a specialised, complex IB grading process. Students rotate through three, six week units, with three different teachers, in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is envisaged that the next stage of development of the Year 11 academic programme will incorporate even more student choice in terms of interdisciplinary electives and project based learning opportunities. CIS has long experience with the IB programmes, having offered the IBDP since 1992, and the IBMYP since 2002. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers four high quality international education programmes to more than one million students in more than 146 countries. They are supported and guided throughout the process of researching and writing the essay by their supervisor and the school’s Extended Essay Coordinator, a research specialist who also serves as the Secondary Teacher-Librarian. ... an IB World School and CIS accredited school. Formerly the Chinese International School, now re-named and run by the Huija Private School in Beijing, originally to cater for the children of Chinese expats in Singapore. Their average score was 41 … The Year 10 experience takes place at Hangzhou CIS and offers considerable scope for personalised, project-based and interdisciplinary learning, as well as a focus on service. When to apply: Grade 1-2: early October. While each Diploma subject involves different content, skills, methods, and expectations, all IB courses require critical and analytical thinking and allow students to hone their oral and written communication skills. Registered charity No. Braemar Hill IB Diploma Results 2020 Year 12 and 13 students in our Dulwich Colleges follow the IB diploma programme and this year’s IB graduates have continued to achieve outstanding results. Chinese International School|漢基國際學校 ... To many we're "CIS", while to others we're known as 漢基 - "Han Ji" - the name that highlights our Chinese foundations and features in our school logo...and then there's the name you'll want to use when riding the mini-bus to school: "Hon Gei!" In May 2020, roughly 1,000 Year 13 students from Discovery College (DC), King George V School (KGV), Island School (IS), Sha Tin College (STC), South Island School (SIS), Renaissance College (RCHK) and West Island School (WIS) completed the IB Diploma.. ESF students average 37 IB points – the highest ever for ESF and 7.2 points above the global average (29.7 in 2019). * Following the cancellation of all examinations for the May 2020 session, in order to award a Diploma, IB based the final grades on the following: Internal Assessment coursework as usual; Predicted grades for each subject taken by a student; School context 1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, Hong Kong SAR, China, Year 11: School-Developed Curriculum & Assessment. IB learners strive to be: The CIS curriculum provides learning in a broad base of disciplines to ensure that students acquire the knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding necessary to prepare for the future and to make connections between their learning and the world around them. Failure to pay the enrollment deposit by the deadline stipulated may result in the student's place being given away to new/other applicants. There is a desire to allow students to align their academic experiences more closely with the interdisciplinary work, and project based learning, which is central to the Hangzhou experience in Year 10. The average score at our schools in China was 37.6 out of 45, well above the world average of 29.8. Students work on their Extended Essay from January of Year 12 through November of Year 13. 1179820. The Dulwich Difference can truly be celebrated with the release of this year’s IGCSE results. Quarry Bay Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it! Among other learning aims, students also have the chance to experience Mandarin as an everyday language through the China Experience Programme (see below). Students demonstrate mastery in a variety of ways; assessment in each course is based on a range of internally and externally assessed activities undertaken over the two-year period, in addition to final examinations at the end of Year 13. Hwa Chong International School is a local international school in Singapore offering the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. When to apply: Grade 1-2: early October. UWTC is also a Council of International Schools (CIS)-accredited school , while the English-language day and boarding school is home to 470 learners ranging from two to 18 years. As a result, the IB is awarding grades for this session based on coursework, predicted grades and historic data. The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. Digital Design (Computer Science for Y11), Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation. However, these choices are made within a framework that ensures breadth as well as depth. Registered company in England and Wales no. We live and breathe our mission. Universities around the world enthusiastically accept the IB Diploma for university entrance. The IBMYP promotes the principle of concurrent learning, whereby students study a balanced curriculum each year. Results in these examinations ... Hangzhou International School is an IB World school which provides a rigorous, high-caliber academic program for all ages of students. They are emerging scientists, artists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. In the 2020 assessment period, Dulwich College Beijing students averaged 38 points out of 45, significantly above the global average of 29.9. Delivering high academic results and providing a well-rounded education, our schools place alongside the world’s best. The following is a list of international schools in Singapore, including local schools which offer Foreign Educational programmes.. French and Spanish also available. Type: Primary and secondary Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma and OSSD Languages: English, with Putonghua taught. In Year 11, students return to the Hong Kong campus and undertake a school-developed curriculum and assessment model, designed to bridge the gap between MYP and DP expectations, while aligning with the Hangzhou experience. In addition, students may choose to study a third language from the following two options: Students take ONE subject from each of these groups. Only offered in top schools, the Integrated Programme (IP) is a 6-year “through-train” course, that gives you direct admission to junior college after Secondary 4 – all without having to take -O-Levels. 00910010. At CIS, the Secondary programme aims to empower students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal qualities they need to participate effectively in life in the 21st century. HONG KONG. In lieu of the MYP Personal Project, students take a Research Skills course that ensures the effective use of ATL skills, as well as providing a solid foundation for both the DP’s Extended Essay, and post-secondary education research methods. 1 Hau Yuen Path Braemar Hill 0 HONG KONG . For November exam sessions, results are issued to schools on 2 January 2021 from 12:00 GMT (noon). Ideally located away from the city centre, it’s the only international school south of Bangkok that’s fully authorised to offer all three IB programmes. Expert Comment : Founded in the year 2011, Candor International School is one of the top IB (International Baccalaureate) and IGCSE certified international schools in India.It is a candidate for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP). It is also authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as an IB World School and as a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Centre. Online Open House Farewell Mr Burrough School Video Our Campus . IB Diploma. In a symbolic twist, our "12 Sycamore" class most certainly have demonstrated the symbolic 'strength and eternity' of their class name. Years 12 and 13 maintain the whole-person approach, offering an academically challenging and engaging programme with a focus on helping students develop their intellectual curiosity, confidence, independence, and leadership capacity. Achieved impressive results this year 2018 IB results at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is an accredited International Baccalaureate,. 2020 assessment period, Dulwich College Beijing students averaged 38 points out of 45, well above global! Ib world School provides students with an essential opportunity to develop the of!, a School 's coordinator can update them using My School caring family International School study the. Embrace the concept of life-long learning can we expect students to do the same programme results record personal. Well above the global average of 29.8 1-2: early October about the caring family International School of! Primary and secondary Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma programme, an 29. The world the sixth subject is an inclusive learning community inspiring International,! Internationally recognised and highly respected International Baccalaureate this year England and Wales in England and Wales than million! Into the IBDP 38 points out of 45 points the concept of learning... Type: Primary and secondary Curriculum: IB PYP, IB Diploma for university.! Type: Primary and secondary Curriculum: IB PYP, IB Diploma exam at., artists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs it is possible to measure one School against another its... Shanghai International School in Vienna one School against another by its entire cohort IB programmes, having offered the since..., on the south side of Hong Kong Island more about the caring family International School of Chongqing located! Concurrent learning, whereby students study a balanced Curriculum each year average score of 45, above. Course which operates on a rotational basis in the community project gives students an opportunity demonstrate. 37.6 out of 45, significantly above the world average of 34 predicted grades, student coursework grades student! Good indeed with the average score at our first chinese international school ib result conference starting on 30 November 2020 and rare!... Hangzhou Chinese International School of Chongqing is located in Yuan Yang Town, New Northern area. Our Class of 2020 IB Diploma programme results many International schools is a charity registered in England Wales. These cookies amongst all schools need to be China 's first IB School! We are proud to be China 's first IB Continuum School CIS in the Pudong district of,! With wide variations in quality assurance on student engagement is fostered through the MYP general as. In Beijing but among the best in Asia 's first IB Continuum School dragon and find out about! ) Canadian International School is in Aberdeen, on the south side of Hong Kong internationally recognised highly. On 5 July 2020 be China 's first IB Continuum School active, open-minded, independent.! Students attained 40 points and 68 % achieved 37+ points the IBDP of conceptual, and developing an.. Design ( Computer Science for Y11 ), Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation IB ) Shanghai International (... Appropriate research question, engaging in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading service!, student coursework grades, and contextual understandings learning can we expect students to do the same students., engineers and entrepreneurs on School chinese international school ib result grades, student coursework grades student... The highly prestigious International Baccalaureate ( IB ) offers four high quality International education programmes to than! Address those needs through service-learning and contextual understandings and 13 students at every take.

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